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Culinaire & Beyond (C&B) represents a number of leading brands in Bahrain and is available to represent your brand. The thought process behind induction of new brands is to address an unmet need and offer a full suite of solutions as in the case with the first two brands our company has introduced to Bahrain. The two specialty coffee brands Caffee Diemme & VBM ensure that our clients receive high quality machines, specialty coffee as well as 24/7 technical services and maintenance within Bahrain.

Our Brands

Culinaire & Beyond successfully introduced two leading Italian coffee brands to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Caffe Diemme and VBM and is the sole distributor for each of these prestigious brands.

Caffe Diemme is a brand known for a wide variety of specialized Coffee and chocolate varieties that has been in the coffee roasting market since 1927. Run by the Dubbini family for more than eighty years, Caffe Diemme brings a long history of roasting, brewing and serving specialized coffee, and fuses that rich history with a culture of ingenuity and innovation. The Company is specialized in the HO.RE.CA sector, preserving and promoting high quality standards, product research, training, advisory service, flexibility and customer support.

VBM is known for their innovative coffee machines, leveraging forty years of designing, manufacturing and selling worldwide espresso machines that are advanced and intuitive. VBM machines have been allowing baristas to fully express their creativity and delight coffee connoisseurs across the globe since 1976, and have become the preferred choice of baristas, confectioners, café owners, restauranteurs and hoteliers alike.

C&B offers Caffee Diemme and VBM client’s products, expert advice, technical assistance and product training within Bahrain, and has introduced a 24/7 maintenance service for all types of coffee machines in the Kingdom. Whether you need some expert technical advice, or help sourcing new machines, support with staff training, machine maintenance, or some of the best quality coffee beans on earth, C&B is your one stop shop!

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