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Culinaire & Beyond is the brainchild of CEO Leena Ahmed Al Mannai, who found herself at a loss when trying to source qualified food and beverage consultants. As she reached out to organizations, she realized that a very limited number of them serviced the hospitality sector, especially from a Bahraini viewpoint. Leena’s experience sent her on a discovery that involved researching if other entrepreneurs were facing similar voids and how she could address the deficit in one of the country’s highest growth sectors. Through Leena’s exploration, it became clear that there were many solutions and products easily found elsewhere, but not yet in Bahrain. However, establishing a relationship with international F&B experts would add value to the country at multiple tiers. Rolling forward several months, Culinaire & Beyond create to drive innovation and growth primarily in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s F&B and Hospitality sectors by encouraging the development of a sustainable industry ecosystem, and by working to support the positioning of the Kingdom as a benchmark for quality and creativity. We will do this through the delivery of comprehensive, world class solutions that meet the diverse needs of our local and global clientele, and by providing opportunities for ongoing global collaboration.

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At Culinaire and Beyond, our USP is our ability to provide a multi-tiered range of solutions and products that cover all areas within hospitality and restaurant businesses. We are a locally based, yet global in our approach. We look at the ideas shared with us from the lens of a local perspective hence our solutions are culturally and market relevant. Added to that, we are the only Bahraini team whose expertise lies in two specific sectors: F&B and hospitality. Most of all, we differentiate ourselves through our deep commitment to local culture; everything we do will, at some level, interface with our combined values of heritage and modern facing business development.

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A passionate entrepreneur, advisor and investor in the F&B industry events and brand acquisition in Middle east, with the vision of bridging the gap that currently lies in the F&B sector in Bahrain. Her intention is to support entrepreneurs and SME’s to achieve their aspirations and scale up their businesses with the help of a team that focuses entirely on the F&B sector.

She is honored to be a member in the following capacities for key Initiatives by prominent partner organizations:

  • Member of Advisory Sector F&B and Hospitality, Tamkeen.
  • Board Member Asean Bahrain Council
  • Committee member Tourism & Hospitality, Bahrain Entrepreneurs Organization

With an undeniably strong entrepreneurial spirit, keen intellect to identify good business opportunities, and the ability to channel solutions to cater everyone’s unique needs thus create a sustainable ecosystem that supports the growth of Food and Beverage sector in Bahrain.

Leena possesses a bachelor’s in microbiology supported with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) plus Certificates in Project Management and Restaurant and Kitchen Management. Her experience in the public & government sector coupled with a passion for gastronomy further reinforce her knowledge on the food industry. She established Culinaire & Beyond with an objective to contribute to the growth of the F&B and Hospitality industry in the GCC by working closely with entrepreneurs to achieve their aspirations.


Research statistics forecast that the food sector in MENA region is poised for a compound annual growth of 4.3% by 2019 in Bahrain alone it will be 4.2%. This renders Bahrain one of the best economies in the region for F&B investment.

Bahrain’s image as an affordable tourist destination, combined with its attractive international trade laws and connection to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, fuels Bahrain’s hospitality industry growth.

Our vision to achieve runs in parallel with the Economic Vision 2030, launched by His Majesty Kind Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa. We are fully committed to working hand in hand for the progress of the Kingdom.

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As a company founded in Bahrain, Culinaire & Beyond possesses in-depth insights of middle eastern culture, food habits, and licensing requirements. We possess a unique relationship with key investment stakeholders from an investment point of view that are an undeniable advantage in adapting successful global business models for the GCC market. Culinaire & Beyond believes in building a strong network with government ministries and relevant organizations in the F&B sector with mutual interests and a vision for a progressive future.

We aim to play a complementary role in realizing this vision with our clients. Such relationships provide the company with a deep understanding of the operational aspect of the business environment, business culture, and legal formalities, which in turn enable Culinaire & Beyond to work to the advantage of our clients. In short, Culinaire & Beyond facilitates clients’ F&B operations by utilizing its regional and global relationships very effectively.

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